TENA® 2015 Themed On-Pack Co-Ops

New for Walmart stores, the TENA® Serenity protective pads is hosting three themed on-pack/content booklets. This program is offered free to strong brands that fit each thematic and align with the TENA brand

WHO: TENA® Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) Pad and Liner products, targeting three core brand shopper bases in three optimal windows (see below).

WHAT: Multi-brand, promotional IRC booklet (approx. 2”x2”) with double-sided coupons on 92,500 TENA® Packages for each themed execution. IRCs onserted in-store by merchandisers. Category exclusive. Opt-in shopper research for all participants included.

WHERE:  Approximately 3,700 WALMART® stores  in Adult Care section.


  • WOMEN’S CARE: April – May 2015
  • NEW MOMS:  June – July 2015
  • DIABETES CARE:  Oct. – Nov. 2015 (November is National Diabetes Awareness Month)

COST: No cost to partner brands for IRC booklet and shelf flags design, production and merchandising on-sertion (brands cover only their own coupon redemptions). 

CROSS-PROMOTION OVERLAYS:  TENA® invites one brand partner for each window to share a joint-coupon offer placed onto partner product packages executed in promotion window with TENA IRC co-op booklet. TENA will cover cost of production and on-sertion with its merchandisers if execution coincides with coop on-sertion in stores. Product from cross-promotion partner may be different than one used in the TENA co-op booklet. 




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