CoOptions Health & Wellness Marketing was launched in the Spring 2014 to meet growing shopper and consumer needs and the proliferation of products in the marketplace to meet them. The Health & Wellness group focuses on in-store shopper marketing and out-of-store lifestyle activations that cover a range of programs in two core areas:

Condition-based for patients and their families; and

Preventive to the general population in key seasonal / calendared health windows.

Our professional health care provider network, ACCESS HEALTH, gives brands direct access to more than 200,000 physicians and health care professionals, with geo-mapped “life-to-shelf™” store surrounds to drive retail foot traffic and brand conversion with clinically vetted content.

Our lifestyle networks include the Yoga Studio Network™ of 2,600+ yoga studios (in partnership with leading industry voice, YOGA JOURNAL), our Campus Sports & Fitness Network™ and other touchpoints.

Our in-store shopper marketing activations and retailer-sponsored events (e.g., annual Publix® A1A Marathon & Health Expo) provide brands with turnkey and custom solutions to activate shoppers, drive traffic to store and shelf, and generate incremental merchandising and sales at POS.

Consumer / shopper research and multi-level compliance measures and are baked into every program we execute, using Juster Scale based conversion metrics and longitudinal follow-up surveys, generating insights that can be leveraged with buyers.

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