Attention on Health & Wellness has become mainstream in the media and at retailers and brands alike. To address this growing trend, we launched CoOptions Health & Wellness Marketing in Spring 2014, concentrating on in-store shopper marketing and out-of-store lifestyle activations that cover a range of programs in two core areas:

  1. Condition-based for patients and their families; and
  2. Preventive to the general population in key seasonal / calendared health windows.

Our professional health care provider networks, ACCESS HEALTH, gives brands direct access to more than 200,000 physicians and health care professionals, with geo-mapped “life-to-shelf™” store surrounds to drive retail foot traffic and brand conversion with clinically vetted content.

Our lifestyle networks include the Yoga Studio Network™ of 2,600+ yoga studios (in partnership with leading industry voice, YOGA JOURNAL), our Campus Sports & Fitness Network™ and other touchpoints.

Our in-store shopper marketing programs and retailer-sponsored events (e.g., annual Publix® A1A Marathon & Health Expo), in-store themed “better for you brand” co-ops, shared display during calendared health windows, and soon to be announced pharmacy bag programs.

Consumer / shopper research and multi-level compliance measures and are baked into every program we execute, using Juster Scale based conversion metrics and longitudinal follow-up surveys, generating insights that can be leveraged with buyers.

Shopper marketing for brands that target patients with a health condition is more complicated than traditional brand targeting and activation. This is because the household as a unit often plays a strong role in care adherence, other household members fully engaged as “Shopper Agents” on behalf of the patient. Engaging Shopper Agents along the path-to-purchase (health care practitioners, pharmacists, advocacy, digital assets, and on shelf / display) is critical to successful marketing of brands with efficacy for condition-based care.






CoOptions HealthCare Marketing works strategically with clients to identify and build shopper programs and continuity for both consumers and Shopper Agents along path to purchase at touchpoints on our HealthCare Sphere of Influence.™






Below are a few recent executions and platforms.


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