The Sampling Store, our Shopper Marketing sister-division, is the “Life” side of our Life-to-Shelf business model.

The Sampling Store uniquely owns and/or represents thousands of Lifestyle venues and activation touchpoints through which we’ve delivered more than a half Billion samples over the past 15 years.

Sampling to shoppers and consumer households within a 3, 5, 7 mile geo-radial spread from retailer stores is a powerful way for brands and retailers to generate trial and drive local store foot traffic collaboratively.

We build millions of life touches through our proprietary and represented networks, including our own Yoga Studio Network™ of 2,600+ yoga studios (in partnership with leading voice the YOGA JOURNAL), Campus Fitness Networks, the Access Health™ Networks of more than 200,000 physicians, or other Sampling Store exclusive lifestyle channels.

The Sampling Store offers a full spectrum of sampling solutions either for stand-alone trial or as Life-to-Shelf retailer specific Shopper Marketing campaigns:

• Low-cost turn-key themed co-op and live tour sampling
• Semi-custom-solo sampling via our proprietary networks
• Full-custom solo sampling via complimentary brands and custom-developed networks
• Multi-tactic sampling campaigns


For more information, visit The Sampling


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